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Creative Gold Inc

Products & Services

Our Company was founded 22 years ago and has been grown each year in service, products, precision, and customer base.
Our primary function is in the manufacturing of single-station tools and dies, such as
Blanking tools,
Stamping or Embossing Dies,
Trimming Tools.
These three parts are necessary to complete a finished stamping.

Delivery time from start to finish runs about 2 weeks

Our Services include Stamping from our house line, which is available to all customers, or stamping services on customers' designs or dies that were made exclusively for them.

Delivery time on stamping is usually next day or second day

You will see and understand from the factory tour, that we have the right equipment to do the job properly: with Quality and Speed.

As you go through our catalog you will see all of the styles available to our customers. this is not all that we have been doing for the past 18 years. Our customers' exclusive designs can not be shown. We pride ourselves on our integrity.

Our dies and stampings are used throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Also the Caribbean, Central America, and the new markets of Mainland China and now Russia.

We offer to our customers a wide range of consulting services on the proper use and care of the tools and dies they purchase. As well as the most technically advanced and most efficient ways to manufacture their finished product.

We cater primarily to the Jewelry Industry.
The catalog is updated every Month.
Call, Fax or E-Mail us if you have any questions.

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